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About me

Hi! I am so happy to welcome you on my site!

So, where is Solange Paquette Artiste coming from.

Since my very young chilhood, I can remember feeling a deep love and connection for all the living world, especially animals. Even before knowing to read, I was lost in fascination, contempling the images of Life Encyclopedia and National Geographic. 

Soon I began to reproduce through drawing, parts of this magic universe.

Over the years, I received a lot of compliments for my work and for a while, I thought I might do my career  in arts.

But after all, life took another direction, and artistic creation was put in the background.


Two elements changed everything: kids left the nest ,and then, there was numeric photography. 

The first one brought more time and money to explore my art and to travel; and with the second I was finally able to capture good images of the natural world I  was so in love with.

Photography as become a very important mean of expression for me now, and it has also allowed me to actually get inspiration for almost all my creative work from my own pictures. Except for commissions of course.

Being born and raised in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, in a house where animals where not allowed, I am now very happy to live in the Eanstern Townshipps' beautiful countryside, surrounded by my dear nature.

Emma, a splendid Quarter Horse mare, is now coming to share my world, feeding another of my passions: horses.

To express the beauty of the living world, now that we are putting it on the brink of disappearance, fills me with a new sense of emergency, of necessity...

To do so, I like to explore a multitude of medias, I wish to try them all! 

These days, coloured pencils, charcoal, pastel and watercolor are featuring in the studio. But oil paintings may soon make an apparition,  as they where my favorites in my younger years.

I am an self-taught artist and am constantly learning. I would like to invite you to follow me in my artistic experiences, my nature discoveries, my travel encounters...

I am available and listening, in order to create for you and with you, a custom work: an animal portrait, a memory, a unique piece that you will cherish forever.

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